Sunday, April 19, 2020

D3-Celestial: Better Names in General, and Simpler

Another naming feature for D3-Celestial: A global override to consistently change all the object names to the same kind, with the select box below called, surprisingly "Object Names". With this setting all object types that have the chosen language available. A further new switch hides some of the more advanced settings to simplify the form, and only leaves the new global override for language changes. It is — also surprisingly — called "Advanced Options."

The relevant new options in the configuration file are pretty simple:

  advanced: true,     // Display fewer form fields if false 
  lang: "",           // Global language override for names, any name setting that has the chosen language available
                      // Default:desig or empty string for designations, other:
    // (ar) Arabic, (cn) Chinese, (cz) Czech, (en) English, (ee) Estonian, (fi) Finnish, (fr) French, (de) German,  
    // (gr) Greek, (il) Hebrew, (in) Hindi, (it) Italian, (jp) Japanese, (kr) Korean, (lat) Latin, (ir) Persian, 
    // (ru) Russian, (es) Spanish, (tr) Turkish  

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