Friday, April 30, 2021

Solar System Missions Update 2021-05

Here's my map of all active and future Solar System Missions as of May 1st 2021.

So Mars helicopter Ingenuity was very busy last Month, and got it's mission extended for another 30 days to accompany Perseverance to demonstrate Rover-Drone cooperation. I'm so happy for them! In other Mars news, the Chinese Mars rover is now called Zhurong (祝融) and will likely land in Utopia Planitia this Month or in June.

China has also launched Tianhe, the core module of its space station. Andrew Jones has the schedule of all planned further operations to complete the station, so far as they are currently publicated.

This month OSIRISREx will depart asteroid Bennu towards Earth on May 10th. Juno has its 33rd perijove on the 15th. And NASA has selected sa lunar lander: SpaceX's Moonship.

Data, images and documentation are available on my space exploration history GitHub repository and the associated website.

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