Sunday, March 22, 2020

D3-Celestial: Chinese Constellations

Here is the payoff for the effort to make the D3-Celestial naming options more flexible: Traditional Chinese constellations and star names. Many thanks to Stellarium for the extensive data that made my work pretty easy. You can select the type of constellation- and star names in the form below the map between Chinese, Pinyin (Western transcription), and English translation. For orientation purposes I also included the option to display their IAU star designations.

Background on Chinese constellations on Wikipedia. Since I don't speak Chinese, I could only replicate the data as given by Stellarium. Except the constellation boundaries, which in the Chinese tradition are called the 28 Mansions, so they are only kinda-sorta equivalent to the concept of western constellations. In the Stellarium data those reach from pole to pole, but on old maps they are generally delineated between +/- 50 degrees, so I adopted that. Another difference are the 3 Enclosures, in the map shown as long pink lines. The constellation lines appear somewhat different as in the maps, and I can't vouch at all for the names. I'd be really happy with help from somebody who speaks Chinese.

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