Saturday, November 30, 2019

Solar System Missions Update 2019-12

Here's my map of all active and future Solar System Missions as of December 1st 2019.

Hayabusa 2 has departed asteroid Ryugu for Earth to return the samples it collected earlier on.

Further activity happens at asteroid Bennu, where OSIRIS-REx will select a sample collection site and rehearse the retrieval maneuver. Parker Solar Probe has another Venus flyby on the 26th.

The European Space19+ meeting last month green lighted a lot of solar system missions: The Asteroid impact investigation probe Hera that will launch in 2024, the Lunar sample return mission Heracles or European Large Lunar Lander (EL3) with a Japanese lander and a Canadian rover, and finally the Earth Return Orbiter (ERO) component of the Mars sample return mission with NASA.

Data, images and documentation are available on my space exploration history GitHub repository and the associated website.

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