Sunday, October 1, 2017

D3-Celestial with constellation select

A new feature for the interactive d3-celestial map, center on and zoom in on a single constellation, and hilight the constellation boundary if they are displayed. Choose a constellation from the select-box below and see what happens.

I also gave all the configuration categories IDs, so it is pretty easy to simplify the form via CSS styles, #celestial-form #stars { display: none; } makes the setting for stars invisible, and so on. The available IDs are: general, location, stars, dsos, constellations, lines, and, other, or the respective categories. Above I hid all the categories except general with the css:

  #celestial-form #location, 
  #celestial-form #stars, 
  #celestial-form #dsos,
  #celestial-form #constellations, 
  #celestial-form #lines, 
  #celestial-form #other { display:none; } 

See some more d3-celestial examples here, play with it here or check out the documentation and/or fork/download the source from the GitHub repository.

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