Sunday, August 27, 2017

D3-Celestial now with planets, Sun & Moon

This is version 0.6 of my interactive celestial map, featuring the apparent position of solar system objects. By default it shows the major planets, the Sun and the Moon, butt it is configurable to show any solar system object with known orbital elements, as long as a specific date is given. Appearance can also be configured in the configuration settings

Some more new details: Day back/forward arrows on the date-time picker, and directly setting a geographic coordinate in the configuration.

This is the entire code for the above display (apart from including the necessary javascript libraries): Celestial.display({ projection:"airy", datapath: "", location: true, geopos: [38,110], planets: {show: true} });

See some more d3-celestial examples here, play with it here or check out the documentation and/or fork/download the source from the GitHub repository.

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