Thursday, March 30, 2017

New Milky Way halo objects from Gaia

I have updated the Milky Way halo map with a few more objects. They were discovered from data by the Gaia mission and represent the results from preliminary data analysis, so it is almost certain that here will be much more to come.

One of the objects, Gaia 1, was hiding behind the glare of Sirius, and only the superior resolution of Gaia's data made it possible to find it. Or as the discovery paper puts it: You can not be Sirius! Here is an extensive account by Matthew Green on astrobites

Gaia 1 hiding in Sirius' glare (The large white circle in the 2MASS data).

See some more d3-celestial examples here, play with it here or check out the documentation and/or fork/download the source from the GitHub repository.

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