Saturday, November 12, 2016

And now to something completely different

I have been thinking in the last few weeks, because recent significant events made me do that. And now I think I found what was nagging me the whole time: The 20th century may be finally about to end.

Explainer: Remember the old-timey demagogues, not the really olden ones who actually believed their own lies, those were just creeps. But the later 20th-century type, who went by the mode "Look, we all now what I say is total bullshit, but it's the bullshit you want to hear, so roll with it." Npw here comes Mister President-elect D.J. Trump, who, well, just doesn't do that any more. Instead, he goes "I am lying. My lies are the greatest lies. And if you don't believe that, you are a liar." So he doesn't even pretend anymore. Could it be that he is the final end product of that era, a ridiculous joke that is just an over-the-top parody of all the nonsense that came before him. and of course completely dysfunctional.

Think about it. All those ideology fluffheads aimlessly flailing around, like those pathetic losers who actually like Trump, spouting racist and whatever-ist nonsense. Or the gormless impotent student protests going on right now. Is it just me, or do they all appear to just go through the motions, not even knowing what it is the want. OK, as far as hardcore Trumplers go, they just want to hate, no need to know what to hate necessary. But that doesn't detract from my point, I think. And of course there are still those dudes who really want to believe their own crap, like islamists. But that is just a bunch of total losers who are literally doing nothing but habitually committing crimes against humanity. I think it's painfully easy to see how that is an absolutely pathetic, pointless waste that's going precisely nowhere.

So what we see right now may be the end of something, the end of all that ideology bullshitting that never solved any problems anyway, done in by a merciless over-the-top assclown. And of course it will go with a bang, like those things do. Like when the Soviet Union went with the believe-my-own-bullshit mode of politicking. And now it is time for the USA. Damn, I would have liked to see it stick around a bit longer. That's of course not to say there wont be an entity called "USA" anymore, it just wont be the one we know right now anymore. So, maybe not so bad to see this version go, then. But that has to happen, the primary entity for every delusion goes with said delusion, like the Roman, Spanish or British empires. I leaver that as an exercise for the interested reader to figure out for what delusion those went. The latter one was probably colonialism.

So there you go, there may be hope after all. What remains to be seen is what delusion will replace the current one, then. Meanwhile, the era that begins now needs a good name. My suggestion would be "Post-veracity age". Keep in mind, this may all be yet more self-delusional drivel, I'm just a simple cant-not-be-inquisitive space nerd after all.

And don't let your search for truth be destroyed by certainty.

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