Friday, November 7, 2014

Exploration History Version 1.3

New version of the Solar System Exploration History interactive graphic. Again with many data updates and corrections. I added information about launch centers, available by a click on the launch location in the mission timelines. And I finally found a fix for the persistent Internet Explorer problem where the detail infos in the lists about solar system objects didn't extend across all the columns. Turns out that parameter is case-sensitive, but only in IE &☣✧☠!.

Below is an overview of all spaceports world wide from where exploration missions are or will be launched, plus a few with other science missions on the books. The reddish slices indicate the launch azimuths, the directions in which rockets can be launched from each port.

[Click here to embiggen]

Information about launch azimuths mainly from this document from the Visual Satellite Observing FAQ. The above world map was greatly helped by world.geo.json, with the relief shading from the Natural Earth project. Finally, the maps on the launch center pop-ups are from OpenStreetMap, while the little globes top right are from WikiMiniAtlas.

On the launch center pop-up is a link to a Google map view of each center, available with a click on the geographic location, indicated with a small globe. Here is the complete list:

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