Sunday, November 1, 2009

Space Mission Links

Update: See the current versions at the solar system missions and space observatories pages.

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Space Telescopes

Infrared & Submillimeter Spitzer Space Telescope Akari Herschel WISE (2009) Astro-G (Radio, 2012)

(Near) Optical Hubble Space Telescope (HST) Hubble Heritage Project ESA's Hubble Seite GAIA (2011) James Webb Space Telescope (JWST, 2014)

High energy GALEX (UV) XMM-Newton (X-ray) RXTE (X-ray) Chandra (X-ray) Suzaku (X-ray) Integral (Gamma ray) AGILE (Gamma ray) Swift (GRBs) Fermi (Gamma ray) HXMT (X-ray, 2011) Astro-H (X-ray, 2013)

Solar Observatories Pioneer 6 Advanced Composition Explorer (ACE) 2 TRACE Hinode Akebono Koronas-Foton
* SOHO Stereo A/B Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO, 2009)

Exoplanets COROT Kepler

Cosmology WMAP (CMB) Planck (CMB) LISA Pathfinder (2011) LISA (Gravity Waves, 2018)

Planetary Probes Images from all NASA missions Solar System Simulator HORIZONS Ephemerides

Mercury Messenger Bepi-Colombo (2014)

Venus Venus Express (VEX) Akatsuki (2010) Venera D (2016)

Earth GRACE (Gravitation) GOCE (Gravitation) Reimei (Aurora) Akebono (Magnetic field) Geotail (Magnetic field) Cluster 1-4 (Magnetic field) Double Star 1/2 (Magnetic field)

Moon Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) GRAIL (2011) LADEE (2012)

Mars Mars Odyssey Mars Express (MEX)
* Mars Express VMC Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) Mars Rovers
* Mars Rover images
* Spirit raw images
* Opportunity raw images Phobos Grunt (2011) Mars Science Laboratory (2011) ExoMars (2016)

Asteroids/Comets ICE Rosetta (Comets 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko & 21 Lutetia) Stardust-NEXT (Comet Tempel 1) Deep Impact (EPOXI, Comet Hartley 2 & Exoplanets) Hayabusa (Itokawa) Dawn (Ceres & Vesta)

Jupiter Juno (2011) EJSM (2020) EJSM Europa Orbiter EJSM Ganymede Orbiter

* Cassini Cassini images

Pluto/Kuiper Belt New Horizons

Interstellar Space Voyager Interstellar Mission IBEX

*Raw images immediately available on the Internet

List of Solar System probes - List of Space Telescopes (Wikipedia)
NASA Missions - JAXA Missions - ESA Missions - ISRO Missions - Roscosmos Missions - CNSA Missions

[Update 03/11/2009: better chart with Asteroid belt and listed missions sorted alphabetically]

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